Scottish Parliament Logo 200First Minister's Questions

Published: 01 May 2014.

Duration: 34 minutes 09 seconds.


  1. Johann Lamont: To ask the First Minister what engagements he has planned for the rest of the day. (S4F-02047)

  2. Ruth Davidson: To ask the First Minister when he will next meet the Secretary of State for Scotland. (S4F-02044)

  3. Willie Rennie: To ask the First Minister what issues will be discussed at the next meeting of the Cabinet. (S4F-02046)

  4. Christina McKelvie: To ask the First Minister what recent contact he has had with the UK Government regarding an independent Scotland's membership of the EU. (S4F-02065)

  5. Kezia Dugdale: To ask the First Minister, following the publication of the Mortonhall Investigation, how the Scottish Government plans to support parents and families affected. (S4F-02053)

  6. Liz Smith: To ask the First Minister what discussions the Scottish Government is having with the Scottish Qualifications Authority regarding the future funding of the curriculum for excellence. (S4F-02050)

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