Scottish Parliament Logo 200First Minister's Questions

Published: 12 November 2015.

Duration: 28 minutes 26 seconds.


  1. Kezia Dugdale: To ask the First Minister what engagements she has planned for the rest of the day. (S4F-03047)

  2. Ruth Davidson: To ask the First Minister when she will next meet the Prime Minister. (S4F-03043)

  3. Kenneth Gibson: To ask the First Minister what the impact would be on the Scottish Government’s budget if the provisional agreement by the Treasury and the UK Government’s environment, local government and transport departments to reduce their budgets by 30% over the next four years is carried out. (S4F-03053)

  4. Linda Fabiani: To ask the First Minister what action the Scottish Government considers needs to be taken to fully realise the objectives of the Equal Pay Act 1970. (S4F-03058)

  5. Neil Findlay: To ask the First Minister for what reason the publication of the findings of the review of paediatric services in Lothian has been delayed. (S4F-03042)

  6. Gordon MacDonald: To ask the First Minister what impact the proposals in the Trade Union Bill could have on the Scottish Government’s commitment to fair work. (S4F-03057)

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