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Published: 01 December 2016.

Duration: 45 minutes 46 seconds.

On Tuesday, 29th November 2016, Nicola Sturgeon received a rapturous reception as she made history by becoming the first serving head of government to speak to the Seanad, the upper chamber of Ireland’s parliament.

At the historic reception in Dublin, politicians of all major Irish parties defied convention and commented on a foreign state’s domestic issues by backing the First Minister’s goal of creating a Scottish nation state.

Every Senator spoke in favour of a UK split and hoped Scotland's journey to independence would be fruitful in the near future.

Sadly, despite the significance of the Irish visit, the Holyrood doom and gloom merchants completely ignored the event and sung their usual song of warped reality at First Minister's Questions.

Read the full transcript of First Minister's Questions in the Scottish Parliament Official Report:

Ruth Davidson S5F-00561
1. To ask the First Minister what engagements she has planned for the rest of the day.

Kezia Dugdale S5F-00565
2. To ask the First Minister what engagements she has planned for the rest of the week.

Willie Rennie S5F-00558
3. To ask the First Minister what issues will be discussed at the next meeting of the Cabinet.

John Mason S5F-00569
4. To ask the First Minister, in light of comments by the Secretary of State for Scotland, what commitments the Scottish Government has received from the UK Government regarding the devolution of further powers.

Liz Smith S5F-00563
5. To ask the First Minister what the Scottish Government's position is on the ability of the education agencies to deliver the curriculum for excellence.

Anas Sarwar S5F-00580
6. To ask the First Minister what steps the Scottish Government is taking to address workforce issues in the NHS.

Emma Harper S5F-00581
7. To ask the First Minister whether she will provide an update following her visit to Dublin.

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