Blue Telecoms

This is a report by Channel 4 and exposes yet another Conservative breach of the rules during an election.

Hidden filming highlights the players involved and the methods used to cold call voters in marginal seats during the 2017 snap election.

The practices deployed were underhand at best and were blatantly illegal in many cases - especially during the day of polling when the Call Centre featured in the report used paid employees to telephone canvas on behalf of specific (and named) Conservative candidates.

According to the report, Bluetelecoms is a company who have received numerous lucrative contracts from the Conservative party. The report provides ample evidence of underhand practice and the deliberate misleading of staff and those they called. This disregard of basic practice compromises Data Protection laws and breaches the rules in place to ensure a fair election.

The Conservatives have already gone into denial-mode, stating this has nothing to do with them.

This means, they deny any involvement with a company they have had dealings with in the past, they deny authorising an expensive tele-marketing/tele-canvasing campaign specifically targeting marginal seats and they deny promoting their candidates by name on polling day via tele-canvasing.


Revealed: Inside the secretive Tory election call centre

Published: 22 June 2017.

Duration: 13 minutes 29 seconds.

Channel 4 News


Yet another example of how the Conservative Party ignore the rules in their "Win at all costs" approach to elections.