Broadcast on 18 January 2014

BBC Scotland hosts a debate on Scottish Independence from Greenock.

Duration: 1 hour.


  • James Cook.

Panel Members:

  • Fiona Hyslop, Culture Secretary, Scottish Government, Yes Scotland.

  • Anas Sarwar, Deputy Leader Scottish Labour, Better Together.

  • Sanjiv Kohli, Comedian and Actor, Undecided.

  • Alex Massie, Journalist and Blogger, Undecided (actually a strong Conservative).

Questions asked:

  • Would the removal of Trident leave Scotland open to attack?

  • When I walk about this town, what I see all about me is charity shops, pawn brokers, money shops - and now, food banks. Do you think this might be why so many of us are considering voting Yes?

  • Why wont Mr Cameron debate with Alex Salmond?

  • Will the redistribution of wealth plans as proposed by the Scottish National Party in an independent Scotland encourage salary and wage earners to move south to avoid higher taxes?

  • If Scotland votes No - will we still be in the EU in ten years time?

  • If Robert Burns were alive today, would he be a Yes or a No voter? - please refer to a poem to support your argument.