Broadcast on 18 February 2014

BBC Scotland hosts a debate on Scottish Independence from Kelso.

Duration: 1 hour.


  • James Cook.

Panel Members:

  • Stewart Hosie MP, Treasury Spokesman, SNP, Yes Scotland.

  • Ruth Davidson MSP, Leader, Scottish Conservatives, Better Together.

  • Jenny Marra MSP, Deputy Finance Spokeswoman, Scottish Labour, Better Together.

  • Patrick Harvie MSP, Co-convener, Scottish Greens, Yes Scotland.

Main questions asked:

  • Is Alex Salmond a man with no plan?

  • Gordon Brown tells me today that under independence, I should be worried about my pension. Is that a fair comment?

  • If Scotland had a different immigration policy to the rest of the UK, would that result in border controls?

  • Much has been said about an independent Scotland emulating the Scandinavian welfare model. Will our taxes need to be increased to pay for it?

  • Is bullying the best tactic to keep Scotland in the UK?