Professor Michael Dougan

Professor Michael Dougan is one of the UK’s leading EU law experts. In this video presentation, he criticises the referendum debate’s “dishonesty on an industrial scale”, as he considers the claims and counter claims from each side.

A Professor at the University of Liverpool Law School, he has spent his career studying EU law as it relates to the UK; contributing to Parliamentary Select Committees, advising government and now helping media fact check the barrage of assertions emanating from the Remain and Leave camps, in the run up to June 23.

This is an extremely valuable source of information and is a 'must-see' in order to appreciate the truth concerning the exit of the UK from the EU.

Professor Michael Dougan, University of Liverpool Law School.

The presentation begins with a critique of the current confusion caused by the misinformation coming from both sides of the EU referendum question.

It then moves on to the probable consequences and time frame for events after a Brexit vote.

The views expressed in the video are based on the Professor's considerable experience and reputation in the field of EU Law as it relates to the UK. He demonstrates the complete lack of understanding by the politicians who are driving the EU referendum in many areas of EU Law, Constitutional problems for the UK, the way Trade Agreements work and the false assumptions about the UK outwith the EU single market.

Published: 16th June 2016

Duration: 24:42