Broadcast on 8 July 2014

BBC Scotland's independence referendum debate from 8 July 2014, as filmed at the Portree Community Centre in Portree on the Isle of Skye.

Duration: 1 hour.


  • James Cook.

Panel Members:

  • Keith Brown MSP, Transport Minister, SNP, Yes Scotland.

  • Jenny Marra MSP, Youth Employment Spokeswoman, Scottish Labour, Better Together.

  • Tom Boyle, Businessman and former Manager Motherwell FC, Better Together.

  • John Hayman, Scottish Actor, Yes Scotland.

Main questions asked:

  • Why are both sides so focussed on the financial aspects of independence - is that all they think people care about now?

  • Is pressure that's being put on Scottish businesses to remain neutral in the independence debate tacit acknowledgement that independence would in fact be harmful to business?

  • Would an independent Scotland be better placed to tackle poverty and inequality?

  • Are the BBC biased in their referendum coverage?