Broadcast on 26 August 2014

BBC Scotland's independence referendum debate from 26 August 2014, as filmed at the Leith Academy in Leith, Edinburgh.

Duration: 1 hour.


  • James Cook.

Panel Members:

  • John Swinney MSP, Finance Secretary, SNP, Yes Scotland.

  • Johann Lammont MSP, Leader, Scottish Labour, Better Together.

  • Charles Kennedy, Former Leader, Liberal Democrats, Better Together.

  • Joyce McMillan, Columnist for the Scotsman, Yes Scotland.

Main questions asked:

  • I'd like to ask if the SNP are misleading the public about the NHS?

  • A recent study has shown that 1 million Scots are living in poverty with 100,000 more expected by 2020. What would a Yes or a No vote do to address this issue?

  • In last night's debate in Glasgow, do the panel think that Mr. Salmond was able to alay the fears concerned to the electorate regarding the currency issue?

  • The amount of oil to be obtained in the future has been reported with conflicting views. Who is telling the truth?