Altered State Part 3


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Published on 25 Nov 2015

ALTERED STATE III. Reflections on Scotland's First Independence Referendum: Endgame focuses on the post-referendum period.
A major factor in the political debate was Scotland's new media which provided a vital alternative to mainstream during the referendum and developed into a radical, diverse and often humorous scene that now rivals traditional press and TV output for audiences.
The fall of SNP and other pro-independence parties was widely predicted when the No campaign won. The astonishing Yes campaign fightback began immediately after September 18th with people joining pro-independence parties in huge numbers. As the consequences of Labour's collaboration with the Conservatives began to dawn on the Scottish branch, new manager Jim Murphy carried the party to historic meltdown at the 2015 General Election. Is there any way back for Labour in Scotland? Whatever that party's future, Holyrood needs a functioning opposition with more ideas and less 'SNPbad'; something Nicola Sturgeon always said she would welcome.
The incredible success of the SNP and the prospect of interminable Conservative UK Government has sparked growing calls for a second referendum. When is the right time to move on indyref2? Is the gradualist approach a better option? It is incredible to think that in just two short years independence has moved from remote possibility to inevitability. What seems certain is that the path to independence is set and in terms of a 300 year old relationship, we are just a step away from going it alone.

This episode includes interviews with Derek Bateman, James Kelly, Paul Kavanagh (Wee Ginger Dug), Greg Moodie, Christopher Silver and Professor John Robertson.

Derek Bateman

James Kelly Scot Goes Pop

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