Scottish Independence Referendum 2014: Afterthoughts




Published on 24 September 2014


My thoughts and opinions on the result of the IndyRef.
Video footage from George Square campaigning.

*Sorry this is pure heavily jump cut edited. I don't really have a strong debating bone in my body and theres about another 30 minutes of me gathering thoughts just staring off in the distance going 'ughhhh...'*

I only really want to show you these riot videos so that you can understand what we were dealing with here. It beyond disgusts me that these people were even allowed to vote. But hey, I suppose that's the downside of democracy. Better together yay!

Glasgow Riots:
George Square and fights on Buchanan Street:
George Square:
More fights on Buchanan Street:
Disgusting intimidation and homophobic remark in early evening:

Russell Brand:
Westminster Fear & Media Bias Shafted Scotland: Russell Brand The Trews (E150)
Why Cameron's Scared of Scottish Divorce: Russell Brand The Trews (E147)
Independence, yes. But not just for Scotland: Russel Brand The Trews (E132)

Yes Campaigns Reactions to the Results (WE WILL RISE AGAIN!):

National Collective:

Irvine Welsh for The Guardian:

Alex Salmond you go gurl:

Lies already, so much for 'better together':

Bella Caledonia The Rebellion Phase 2:

Wings Over Scotland sadness:

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